Importance Of PMP Certification

Major groups and state organizations acknowledge the PMP certification. Several famous groups desire that their employees and contractors affiliated with project management should preferably have qualified the PMP certification. Thus, PMP training has become extremely important for passing the PMP exam. Some of the important organizations that require PMP certification include Bell Atlantic, Bell South, Motorola, IBM, Novartis, Citibank, Microsoft, Shell, and BP. Government agencies that support PMP certification include U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Defense Systems Management College, and Canada’s Department of National Defense.

PMP Exam Prep Tips

The PMP certification exam can be passed by adopting a planned methodical approach, with determination, and hard work. The global

PMP Exam Study Guide

recognition of PMP certification should be a great motivation factor to pass the PMP exam. The subsequent PMP exam tips may be useful to pass the PMP certification exam, which should be taken soon after the completion of a PMP exam prep course.

Layout Of Questions

Each question has four likely answers and one answer will be correct. The questions may include charts, and diagrams. The questions should be read carefully, and identify one or two evidently incorrect answers. Study of PMBOK will enable the selection of the correct answer from the remaining two choices.

PMP Exam Study Tips

1. Read PMBOK, and PMP Exam Prep guide by Rita Mulcahy before attending the PMP certification course. This study will enable to obtain a better understanding of the PMP training. However, remembering the contents may be difficult on first reading.  These two books should be studied at least three times before a student can be sure to pass the PMP exam.

Questions at the end of each chapter of guide by Rita Mulcahy. Should be attempted, and result of each attempt be noted. The marks obtained on each reading will increase, till the marks are 75-80%, after which the PMP exam may be taken.

3. Memorize the following, which are considered important also for the PMP profession:

Formula of earned value management. Learn how to understand EVM formulas here.

Theories in HR project management.

Powers of project manager in projectised, functional, and matrix organizations.

7 Basic Quality Tools


5. Schedule PMP exam dates two months in advance so that the schedule of study is prepared without any rush.

6. Attempt mock exam available on the Internet or use RMC FastRack exam simulation software. Instructions to install it can be seen here

Actions During Tutorial

Six paper sheets and pencils issued at the beginning of the PMP certification exam should be utilized for writing important notes, which will be considered useful during the PMP exam. Notes may include important topics mentioned above. These notes may be written during the 15 minutes tutorial time. These notes should be adequately practiced during the PMP certification course and PMP exam prep, so that there is no problem in reproducing during the PMP certification test.

These were the top PMP exam preparation tips for passing the PMP exam without risk. Hope you found them helpful.

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