Project Quality Management - Project Quality Management

What Is Quality?

Quality may be described as meeting the expectations of the client, or exceeding the expectations, accomplished by deliverables and activities executed for the creation of these deliverables. The project quality plan comprises a group of tasks that are designed at the project start, which assist in the achievement of project quality. The function of the project quality plan is to identify the project tasks, which are planned for the product delivery focusing to achieve client expectations of quality.

These activities are established keeping in view the organization quality standards, aimed to achieve the product quality. It also consist of the execution of quality events, like peer reviews, by the use of quality materials like templates, and check lists. The conduct of a quality event is called quality control. Quality measurements or metrics are used that contribute in the continuous improvement of quality.

Writing a Project Quality Plan

The quality plan of a project may be created with the goal to offer project management that is designed to achieve customer quality standards and requirements. Following may be considered while writing a project quality plan:

Responsibilities of Management: Explains the responsibilities of stakeholders regarding the management of quality in the project.

Quality Management System: This indicates the organization quality procedures which have been identified, and being implemented.

Document Control: This describes the procedure for controlling project documents during the project execution.

Control of Design: This identify the measures for design evaluation, changes in design, design waiver, and sign off procedures.

Testing: This provides information regarding the acceptance testing plans.

Corrective Actions: The actions that are essential, for implementing corrective actions for the defects observed during the execution of project.

Non-conformance: This identifies the actions to control any kind of nonconforming project effort. The measures comprise assigning responsibilities, conditions, and documentation procedures.

Training: This may state the training needs for the project management team.

Quality Audits: An internal or external audit may be organized during the project phases.

Quality Records: The procedures for preserving records, variance reports, metrics, checklists etc, during the execution of project, and after the project end.

Purchasing: The quality requirements, and quality control, for contract out of project elements are described.

Assessment Project Quality Plan

The quality plan to be successful, following should be assured:

•   The project quality plan should be able to address the necessary quality standards that are expected from the business. The plan should thus be precise, including the quality requirements and standards, and the measures that may be taken for meeting the quality objectives.

•   To be effective, product testing must be separate from the project.