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Best PMP Exam Practice Questions On PMBOK 7th Edition

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11. You are the project manager and in the execution stage of the project. You appreciate that since the project team has a diverse background, cultural differences may cause severe issues that may adversely affect the achievement of the project objectives. Though cultural differences need to be managed throughout the project, which are the most important stages when these differences need to be strictly monitored and managed? 

A. When you create the project schedule.
B. When planning procurement for the project.
C. When you develop the project acceptance criteria.
D. When deciding recognition and awards for the project team.
E. When the project team is globally distributed.
Answer: E
Management of cultural differences is particularly important when the project team is globally distributed, as the team will belong to different cultures.

12. Your project team has intimated that the requirements for the deliverables are not adequately explained. Clear requirements should be _________, _____________ and ___________.
A. Concise.
B. Verifiable.
C. Consistent.
D. Linked with milestones.
E. Challenging.
Answer: A, B, C
Clear requirements be concise, verifiable, and consistent. These may not be linked with milestones, or necessarily be challenging.

13. You are the project manager for a research project and in the execution stage. The project management team has a diverse cultural background, with different educational and work experiences. Similarly, as the project work is globally distributed, the project stakeholders also have different cultures and background. You appreciate that due to these differences, there may be a resistance from the project team and the stakeholders regarding the feasibility of the project. What is the most suitable action to resolve the issue?

A. Create a responsibility assignment matrix to indicate the responsibilities of each team member and the stakeholder for project activities.
B. Create the organization hierarchy diagram, to indicate the formal relationships of the team members.
C. Conduct a meeting with the concerned project team and project stakeholders, and explain the purpose of the project.
D. Implement the project management plan, and resolve the issues on their occurrence.
Answer: C
Issues due to cultural differences should be managed at the earliest by explaining the project purpose, and clarifying any misunderstandings.

14. Daily stand-up is an important feature in Agile projects. Select the best option from the list following that describes the significance of daily stand-up in Agile?
A. It is a meeting to discuss the work schedule.
B. It is a meeting where the team explains the work done on the previous day, plan for the current day, and the issues confronted while performing tasks.
C. Lecture regarding project objectives.
D. None of the above.
Answer: B
Daily standup is a meeting where the team explains the work done on the previous day, plan for the current day, and the issues confronted while performing tasks.

15. You are the project manager for developing COVID-19 vaccine. The project charter has been created and now you are developing the project management plan. You have observed that the project stakeholders have different perceptions and varying project requirements. Thus, you have difficulty in creating a realistic project management plan for achieving the project benefits. How best you can ensure common understanding among the project stakeholders?
A. Arrange focus groups for discussions to achieve common understandings and resolve conflicting interests.
B. Create the project management plan and request the project stakeholders to review it.
C. Request each stakeholder to write their point of view and include in the project management plan.
D. You are the project manager and responsible to prioritize the project objectives.
Answer: A
It is best to discuss the issues and achieve common understandings.

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