PMBOK 7th Edition PMP Exam Practice Questions


16. You are performing as the project manager for building a road bridge, and presently the project is in the execution stage.  The project team observed a major error in the technical drawings of the bridge. The project team performed a workaround to prevent project delay. What should be your next action as the project manager?

A. Record the technical issue, and the workaround, and process a formal change request for the change control board.

B. Change request is not essential as the problem has been resolved by the work around.

C. A formal change request side for the work already performed is not desirable.

D. It is a normal practice during project execution that irregularities occur between the technical documents and the real implementation. No action is required to be taken.

Answer: A


Since a major error was observed, formal approval by the change control board is essential.

17.  Project management offices can have different structures and roles. In an enterprise, the project managers are reporting directly to the project management office. Which statement may not be true from the list following?

A. Project management office can provide guidance regarding the project management methodology to be implemented.

B. Project management office can be directly responsible for the management of projects.

C. Projects will be governed by the functional organization and project managers will be responsible to expedite the change control decisions.

D. PMO can ensure efficient sharing of resources.

Answer: C


It is not correct that projects can be governed by the functional organization, and project managers will be responsible to expedite the change control decisions. Other options are true.

18. You have recently took over the role of the project manager for a pollution control project. You were involved for the development of the project charter, and the task has been completed. What could be the next appropriate action?

A. Development of the risk register.

B. Development of the project schedule.

C. Development of the project management plan.

D. Obtain approval of the project management plan.

Answer: C


After the development of the project charter, next action should be the development of the project management plans.

19. You are the project manager and your project team has worked hard for completing the tasks assigned according to the project management plan. You have informed the sponsor that now you will proceed for the project closing. The sponsor informs that some activities must be completed before the project closing. What important activities must be completed before the project can be closed? 

A. Organizational process assets must have been updated.

B. Transition of the product, service or result must have been completed.

C. Project deliverables must have been accepted.

D. Lessons learned must have been completed.

Answer: C


Unless the project deliverables are accepted, the project cannot be closed.

20. You are the project manager and have observed that there is lot of confusion amongst the project team, due to which the project is being delayed. Some of the project activities have not been executed in the planned sequence and not at the correct time. Deliverables completed by a particular project team have not been processed correctly by the other team, which has led to extensive rework and increased project costs. Which project management tool may be best used to avoid such issues?

A. Communications management plan.

B. Organization hierarchy chart.

C. Work authorization system.

D. RACI matrix.

Answer: C

Explanation: The work authorization system ensures that the project activities are undertaken in the correct sequence and the correct time.

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