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PMP Certification Exam Tips, Guides, Latest News And More...

Benefits of Obtaining PMP Training and PMP Certification

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There are numerous benefits of becoming a PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Some of the top benefits are mentioned below:

1. It Benefits Your Job or Company

After you have obtained PMP certification, you’ll have understanding of standardized project management practices to apply at your present job or in your company. You will be able to better manage your activities or projects.

2. It Will Get You Better Job With Higher Salary

PMP certified individuals earn more salary than those who have received other management qualifications. An average starting salary that a PMP Project manager receives is about $90,000 a year. PMP certification will help you gain a minimum of 20% increase in your salary over non-PMP Project manager.

3. You Will Gain Invaluable Experience

By obtaining PMP credential, you will have experience on how to solve diverse and complex project problems, which in turn will earn you invaluable experience.

4. Make a Career Switch

You have been thinking to switch to a different type of job, PMP credential can help! By obtaining the PMP credential, you can easily find good, high paying jobs and company that you would love to work in.

5. Networking Potential

Once you've earned PMP certification, you’ll be put in contact with other PMP certification holders. Moreover, you will be in touch with those preparing for PMP Exam. You never know, more networking with people might help you find a better job. The more people in the same field you have contact with, the more chances and easier it’ll be for you to get the job of a type that you want.

6. You Can Train Others and Earn Money

After earning the PMP credential, you will be in a position to give other people PMP training. You can carry out PMP Exam Prep training and earn a good amount of money from students.

7. Helps You to Evaluate Team Members and Potential Employees

It is common to be in teams that for whatever reasons can’t work together as a group. By obtaining a PMP certification, you’ll have learned skills that will help you evaluate whether a team member will be able to become and work with everyone or not.

8. You Can Do More Efficient Projects

PMP certification gives you a number of tools to utilize in building and managing projects efficiently. The PMP credential can help you improve productivity and efficiency in all your project phases.

9. All Round Benefit

By obtaining PMP certification, you will not only obtain project management skills but also gain knowledge, confidence and connections you would not otherwise have.

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How PMP Can Enhance Prospects of Your Professional Career

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In the existing status of the global economy, job market is very competitive. Graduates in large numbers are struggling for jobs. It is therefore essential that you should exclude yourself from this group, for which a PMP certification can be extremely useful. Credential of Project Management Professional is no doubt one of the most significant certifications in the market. It is globally recognized and demonstrates that you are proficient, experienced and qualified in the discipline of project management. The eligibility criteria to appear in the PMP exam is a 4 year degree and a minimum of 3 years project management experience. In addition, 4500 hours experience is required concerning projects, along with 35 contact hour’s education in project management. With a secondary diploma, you need to have 5 years of project management experience, 7500 hours of project experience, and 35 hours of project management education. There are numerous advantages of a PMP certification, with details as under.

Project Management Institute


PMP Certification will Boost your Salary

Survey has revealed that those individuals who are PMP certified are paid much more compared to others, with similar qualifications and experience, but not PMP certified. Furthermore, their salaries will continue to increase every year. On an average, applicants with PMP certification get approximately US $7,000 to $9,000 more per year compared to those persons who are not.

You will be Noticed Quickly by Employers

Since the PMP is recognized globally, and also there are several pre-requisites for acquiring this certification, it is regarded high by the employers. If you are aspiring for employment particularly in the field of project management, PMP certification can make the difference between receiving your interview and having your resume being admired. Several companies now desire applicants to possess a PMP certification. Having this PMP certification makes much easier to find a good job. If you are PMP qualified, sing and dance. Place it at the resume top, with your name, and feel proud of it. Do not hide it down. Prospective employers need a few moments to glance at your resume to make a decision. Make it loud and clear that you are unlike from others, and value the three letters of PMP.

It Demonstrates You Have Tested Your Mettle

To appear in the PMP exam, you are required to have certain project management experience. Thus, if you are PMP certified, potential employers will immediately appreciate that you are well experienced. Instead of going through your complete CV, the qualification alone will stand out, and PMP certification will speak for your talent.

PMP Certification will Provide Networking

With a PMP certification, you are connected to other PMPs located globally, who are increasing rapidly. PMI offers an extensive association of local chapters in various cities, where the PMPs avail an opportunity of meeting with each other, and discuss project management, and job opportunities which may be available. These meetings also permit grant of Professional Development Units, which are essential for the PMP certification to be valid.


What places the PMP Certification different from other credentials is that it is not based on any particular discipline, but encompasses broad skills in project management, which are applicable to all business. Certification of PMP is generally adaptable for use in numerous fields.



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Total Number of PMPs in the World

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The following statistics is obtained from PMI Today, Aug 2013 Edition, page 4:

  • Active Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM): 22,946 
  • Active Project Management Professional (PMP): 552,977 
  • Active Program Managemnent Professional (PgMP): 914 
  • Active PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP): 2,222 
  • Active PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP): 948 
  • Active PMI Agile Certified Practicioner (PMI-ACP): 3,249 

Total PMI members worldwide: 435,670.
Chartered chapters worldwide: 269 in 193 countries.


    Top PMP Exam Tips

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    Importance Of PMP Certification

    Major groups and state organizations acknowledge the PMP certification. Several famous groups desire that their employees and contractors affiliated with project management should preferably have qualified the PMP certification. Thus, PMP training has become extremely important for passing the PMP exam. Some of the important organizations that require PMP certification include Bell Atlantic, Bell South, Motorola, IBM, Novartis, Citibank, Microsoft, Shell, and BP. Government agencies that support PMP certification include U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Defense Systems Management College, and Canada’s Department of National Defense.

    PMP Exam Prep Tips

    The PMP certification exam can be passed by adopting a planned methodical approach, with determination, and hard work. The global

    PMP Exam Study Guide

    recognition of PMP certification should be a great motivation factor to pass the PMP exam. The subsequent PMP exam tips may be useful to pass the PMP certification exam, which should be taken soon after the completion of a PMP exam prep course.

    Layout Of Questions

    Each question has four likely answers and one answer will be correct. The questions may include charts, and diagrams. The questions should be read carefully, and identify one or two evidently incorrect answers. Study of PMBOK will enable the selection of the correct answer from the remaining two choices.

    PMP Exam Study Tips

    1. Read PMBOK, and PMP Exam Prep guide by Rita Mulcahy before attending the PMP certification course. This study will enable to obtain a better understanding of the PMP training. However, remembering the contents may be difficult on first reading.  These two books should be studied at least three times before a student can be sure to pass the PMP exam.

    Questions at the end of each chapter of guide by Rita Mulcahy. Should be attempted, and result of each attempt be noted. The marks obtained on each reading will increase, till the marks are 75-80%, after which the PMP exam may be taken.

    3. Memorize the following, which are considered important also for the PMP profession:

    Formula of earned value management. Learn how to understand EVM formulas here.

    Theories in HR project management.

    Powers of project manager in projectised, functional, and matrix organizations.

    7 Basic Quality Tools


    5. Schedule PMP exam dates two months in advance so that the schedule of study is prepared without any rush.

    6. Attempt mock exam available on the Internet or use RMC FastRack exam simulation software. Instructions to install it can be seen here

    Actions During Tutorial

    Six paper sheets and pencils issued at the beginning of the PMP certification exam should be utilized for writing important notes, which will be considered useful during the PMP exam. Notes may include important topics mentioned above. These notes may be written during the 15 minutes tutorial time. These notes should be adequately practiced during the PMP certification course and PMP exam prep, so that there is no problem in reproducing during the PMP certification test.

    These were the top PMP exam preparation tips for passing the PMP exam without risk. Hope you found them helpful.

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    Time Management According to PMBOK

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    What is Time Management?

    Project Time Management is an important knowledge area in project management. It explains the steps necessary for developing the schedule, and monitoring and controlling the time used for project activities. Project Time Management is the most efficient method to monitor progress of the project. 

    Time Management Processes in PMBOK

    The PMBOK Guide has described six time management processes; following them will help you plan, manage and control project schedule effectively. The six time management processes in the PMBOK are:

    In the Planning Process Group

    1.  Define Activities: During this process, activities required to develop the project are defined precisely so that there is a common understanding between the project team, and the activities are completed efficiently.

    2.  Sequence Activities: Activities are sequenced according to their logical relationships. Some activities can be carried out in sequence only, while some can be conducted in parallel. Activities are sequenced based on best practices.

    3.  Estimating Activity Resources: Resources required for each activity are determined, including human, material, facilities, equipment, etc.

    4.  Estimating Activity Durations: Based on the type of resources allocated to the project, the duration for completion of each activity is determined. 

    5.  Develop Schedule: The project schedule is developed, including the start and finish dates, and the total project duration.

    In the Monitor and Control Process Group

    6.  Control Schedule: The schedule is controlled during this process, which is in the Monitor and Control Process Group. Variance in schedule is determined, and schedule is compressed either by fast tracking, or crashing. Fast tracking is conducting the activities in parallel, and crashing is employing additional resources for the activities.

    Significance of Time ManagementTime Management According to PMBOK

    Time management is an essentially significant ability for any efficient project manager. Project managers, who are successful in controlling the schedule, are usually able to manage the budget, since schedule has a direct influence on the project budget. The most common reasons of going over budget in projects are due to improper management of schedule. Software, like Primavera P6 may be successfully employed to control the schedule. You may refer time management in the PMBOK Guide for additional assistance.


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