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PMP Certification Exam Tips, Guides, Latest News And More...

Top Tips to Pass PMP Exam Easily

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Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acknowledged US certification for project management, administered by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. PMP is equally recognized in all types of industries, and all over the world, and being applied by more than 750,000 globally certified project managers. PMP is considered as a standard in project management.

PMP offers a considerable lead when the factor of salary and diversity is considered. According to the survey results conducted by PMI, those with a PMP certification can expect a salary greater than 20% than those without a PMP certification.

PMP is considered to be a difficult certification to qualify, which may be true. However, any task, including qualifying PMP, can become easier if proper techniques are applied. Here are tips gathered during conducting numerous training, and obtaining feedback from a large number of individuals who have passed the exam with ease, in less than three hours, leaving one hour spare for revision.

1. Must study PMBOK. Though difficult to understand, it will become easier when studied during the second time. This book may be downloaded free from here.

2. PMBOK is a standard for project management, and like all standards, is basically designed to explain that particular discipline. It is difficult to read, which can become easier if its reading is combined with study of PMP Exam Prep, 9th Edition Study Guide by Rita Mulcahy, which can be downloaded free from this link. This book is much simpler to read, and encompasses all the contents mentioned in PMBOK.

3. Reading PMBOK and PMP Exam Prep, 9th Edition Study Guide by Rita Mulcahy alone is not enough, unless exam questions are practiced. These questions are included in the Study Guide by Rita Mulcahy, but some questions in this Guide are very lengthy and may not be expected in the PMP exam, for which average time to attempt one question is one minute and fifteen seconds (200 questions/4 hours). Thus, after excluding the lengthy questions, and other questions not expected in the PMP exam, you may practice 300 most relevant questions, which can be downloaded here

4. Since the PMP certification exam is expensive, and every one would like to minimize the risk of failure, practice of more questions is necessary, for which 1500 exam questions may be downloaded here, and instructions to install it can be found here. You may also download a PDF containing 1000+ questions with answers and explanations from this link. This is a software application by Rita Mulcahy, which has been informed by students who passed the exam, to be very relevant and helpful.

5. Before the start of actual PMP exam, there is a tutorial for 15 minutes, which will explain the exam format etc. During this period, it is permitted to write notes, formula etc from memory, and refer to these notes/formula during the exam. Recommended material to be written during these 15 minutes may be seen at this link.

6. PMP Exam Application

Project experience needs to be described, and their samples may be seen here.

PMP exam eligibility criteria may be seen here.

PMP certification process may be seen here.

7. PMP Application Audit. A very few, randomly selected applications are selected for audit. Learn what to do if your application is selected for audit, here.

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PMP Certification Eligibility Requirements

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If you are a PMP aspirant, you should know the eligibility requirements to appear in the PMP Exam. The chart at right shows how you can become eligible for PMP Exam

PMP Certification Eligibility Requirements


Learn How to Understand PMP Exam Result

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PMP exam result comes in a quite a different form than of most exams. The PMP Exam result does not show percentage or grades, rather it assigns the following words as score for your understanding of each Process Group

Proficient - It indicates that your understanding is above the average level.

Moderately Proficient - It indicates that your understanding is of average level.

Below Proficient - It means that your understanding of the Process Group is below the average level.

This is how your knowledge of PMBOK is described in your PMP Exam Scorecard. Although it is difficult from this to understand how much of the Process Group you really understand or what percentage of the questions you answered right, you can at least have an idea from this that whether you are average, below average or above average in each Process Group.


PMP Exam Update for 2018 (Must Read)

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Project Management Professional (PMP), and other PMI certifications, like Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), PMI Agile Certified Professional (ACP), PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA), Program Management Professional (PgMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP), and PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI SP) are driven by existing best practices in the profession. Since project management is developing, therefore the PMP exam also undergoes periodic changes.

PMBOK Guide 6th edition is expected to be released in September 2017, after which the PMP exam will also change. Project management practitioners from different countries, write the PMP exam questions and the PMBOK Guide, to confirm that PMP continues to be appropriate and manifests the current project management practices.

Updated PMP Exam

Although the PMP exam is not entirely based on the PMBOK Guide, it is one of the main exam reference. Some of the updates can include changes in terminology, and also coordination of process groups, tools, and techniques. Following updates may be expected in the PMBOK Guide 6th edition:

  • · A new chapter has been added concerning the role of project manager, including essential capabilities, knowledge and proficiency that are required.
  • · Two Knowledge Areas have been re-titled:

ü Time Management will be Schedule Management

ü Human Resource Management will be Resource Management

  • · All Knowledge Areas will include the following:

ü Key Concepts

ü Trends and Emergent Best Practices

ü Tailoring Matters

ü Agile/Adaptive Environments Considerations


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